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All Aboard! The Uniform State Test

what you need to know about the Uniform State TestAs of August 1, 2018, ALL states and U.S. territories have adopted the Uniform State Test (UST) as a requirement to obtain licensure. The last two states to join in on this unanimous testing decision were West Virginia (on June 1, 2018) and Minnesota (August 1, 2018), adding more green lights along the mortgage licensing route.

What is the UST?

Besides being the annual day of practical jokes, with all jokes put aside, on April 1, 2013, the UST was born. Created to stand alongside the national component portion of the SAFE Exam, the UST became a replacement for the previously required state specific testing, as each state adopted this new licensing invention. While abiding by the Model State Law (MSL), designed by the CSBS and AARMR, the UST does not include state specific laws and regulations, but instead includes state related content in accordance to the MSL, which was carefully designed to comply with all laws implemented by the SAFE Act.

While this may be sad news to those who looked forward to spending the extra $69 for each state test, this is great news to those who avoided licenses requiring additional state testing and for those who wouldn’t mind saving that extra expense along their mortgage licensing journey.

The UST was once a lone locomotive, available for those who passed the national component portion of the SAFE Exam; but now that all states have adopted the MSL compliant test, the NMLS has combined the two, making this method a national requirement in ALL states.  In fact, anyone who hasn’t passed the UST since April 1, 2014, should probably think about contacting MLG to get started on scheduling their SAFE Exam if they’re considering any future licenses in new states.

Need Help  With the Test?

Worried about what this portion of the test entails? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! MLG’s FastClass Education Program offers a SAFE + UST Exam preparation tool.  Approximately, 86.5 percent of MLO’s who have used this tool to its full potential have passed the exam. So, if you’re ever in doubt, contact one of our license analysts today to help get you aboard the CompuCram locomotive.

Aside from studying for and passing your SAFE + UST Exam, the journey toward your license, does not stop here. In addition to the SAFE + UST Exam, state specific prelicensure education is still a significant portion of the licensing train; and let’s not forget the 20 hours of SAFE Comprehensive education.  After all PE’s are completed, the submission of your completed application via the NMLS, is the caboose to the first half of your journey.

With all states and US territories interlocking their testing roads by adopting the UST as the universal testing requirement, more business is only minutes away, with one less red light in your way!

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