Arizona RI Program

Arizona can be one of the more difficult states to obtain a license in due to the brick and mortar requirement and the necessity for a licensed and experienced Arizona Responsible Individual (RI) Arizona RI Program. If you need a ,top rated, fully qualified and experienced Arizona RI, who can fulfill all of the requirements to provide compliance for your licensing needs please request a quote

Whether you are in Arizona now or would like to expand into Arizona, we offer the following services:

  • RI representation in the State of Arizona
  • An assigned brick and mortar location
  • Policy & Procedure Manual for Arizona
  • Quarterly state compliance file reviews
  • Coordination of your examinations with the DFI
  • No per file fee

5 Useful Tips To Keep In Mind To Obtain Licensing In Arizona

If you are looking to obtain your mortgage license in Arizona, then obtaining the assistance of a company with programs that can help you accomplish this is imminent, especially if you are located in a state other than Arizona. In order to make this a success, many companies enlist the services of professionals versed in the Arizona RI program. The RI stands for Responsible Individual, which in this instance is a company who can step you through the process of getting your license.

Arizona happens to be one of the toughest states to get a mortgage license in, and this is because they require you to have a physical location. This is the reason why the Arizona RI program was created to help individuals who want to expand, meet all other requirements, have stellar company history, but do not necessarily live in the state of Arizona. The companies that head up these programs are qualified and experienced to help you through the whole process.

Here are five tips to help you succeed in obtaining your Arizona mortgage license.

1. Arizona RI program

In order to become fully licensed in the state of Arizona you are going to need to find a RI representative. This can be done in a number of ways, and is as easy as Google searching Arizona RI Programs in my area. Ensure that the individual that you pick is qualified and experienced, otherwise it could be a waste of your time and money.

2. Brick and Mortar Location

In order to obtain your license you have to comply with the brick and mortar laws. Therefore, you will need to have an address within the state. Ensure that the person in the Arizona RI program that you are working with can help you comply with these strict laws even if you are not geographically located in the state.

3. Brush Up On Policy and Procedure

Do all the necessary research to brush yourself up on the policy and procedures of Arizona mortgage licensing. The professional  you partner with for the Arizona RI program should be able to supply you a copy of the policy and procedure manual for Arizona mortgage licensing, as this is what they will have to base their steps to completion on.

4. File Reviews

You will need help after you get established as well to ensure that you are following all procedures. Your trusted Arizona RI program individual should provide a quarterly state compliance file review. This ensures you are following all laws that are set up for Arizona mortgage licensing.

5. Fees

You need to be privy of all expected and required fees, which includes the individual professional in the Arizona RI program with whom you are working with, as well as filing fees. This will ensure that there are no surprises during the process.

The Arizona RI program was designed to help you successfully obtain your mortgage license. Ensure that you go with an individual or company who can comply with all regulations and has experience in this area. Review credentials and reviews of the company itself. Review the contract in depth and verify the company is legit.
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