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    The Mortgage Licensing Group, Inc., a full-service mortgage licensing firm headquartered in Southern California, is recognized as an experienced service leader.

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    Whether you are looking to acquire mortgage lending licenses, for a company, a loan officer, a broker, or just need to verify licensing requirements, then you have come to the right place. We help mortgage lending professionals, like you, reach their goal of securing a compliant mortgage lender licenses or mortgage broker licenses nationwide. We make it as easy as possible for our clients to navigate the complex landscape of rules and regulations in the pursuit of obtaining mortgage licenses throughout all 50 states.

    We also offer a variety of ways to help mortgage companies maintain state and federal regulatory agency compliant mortgage licenses.

    Our Unique Approach

    We stay focused on your licensing so that you don’t have to waste time, energy or attention on activities that take away from activities that make you profitable. Our efficiency results in scalability, our strategy provides guidance, our internal QC brings peace of mind, our well trained staff guarantees results, and our unique perspective gives us an advantage. Proving MLG’s licensing team is the way to go.

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    Try our cost calculator to get an idea of the licensing costs associated with the licenses you are interested in acquiring.

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    Cost Calculator

    Try Our Free Licensing Cost Calculator

    We maintain a database of current state and federal Broker, Lender and Servicer licenses and their costs. By utilizing our cost calculator, you can skip the state by state, license by license research required to determine the cost of the finance related licenses you want to get.

    We Develop a Strategy for your Licensing Success

    The Mortgage Licensing Group, Inc. is a specialized full service licensing company dedicated to providing reliable, precise, and premier service to accommodate your licensing and mortgage compliance needs. Our staff brings over forty years of cumulative experience to each project. We consist of knowledgeable, approachable, experienced professionals who take pride in providing consistent courteous service and accurate information to every client. Whether you are just entering into the mortgage industry, already have your mortgage license or are a seasoned professional seeking to expand your business, our company can assist you with all of your business needs.

    • Plan your company’s licensing strategy before entering the market.
    • Develop a licensing plan before wasting time and money on unnecessary licenses.

    Acquiring a mortgage license in a state can be a tedious, even daunting task. Each state requires different criteria; with varying elements depending on whether an individual is pursuing a lenders license or a broker’s license. Our company has a history and credible reputation within all fifty states. Our goal is not only to produce results, but to fully address the needs of your company to allow you to confidently pursue other aspects of your business knowing you’ve acquired the services of a company that shares your goals of success in this competitive industry.

    Whether you are in Arizona now or would like to expand into the state, we offer the following services:


    • RI representation in the State of Arizona
    • An assigned brick and mortar location
    • Policy & Procedure Manual for Arizona
    • Quarterly state compliance file reviews
    • Coordination of your examinations with the DFI
    • Examination prep
    • AZ Advertising Review
    • Annual license renewal
    • SOS annual renewal
    • No per file fee

    If you choose MLG to complete your license as well as to use our RI for your company in Arizona, then we will prepare your Arizona application for free (state and other third-party fees still apply).

    Arizona Responsible Individual Program (AZ RI Program)

    Arizona can be one of the more difficult states in which to secure a mortgage license. This is primarily due to the brick and mortar location requirement and the need for a qualified Arizona Responsible Individual.

    For mortgage companies looking to expand or start an office in Arizona, it is important to know that the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions (AZDFI) prefers to work with a smaller number of individuals. That means your company can use an RI that is also working with other companies, similar to a BRE broker of record with the CABRE. Our company works with professional RIs, giving you the ability to meet the Arizona requirements without searching for your own RI.

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