Regulatory Licensing Service

License Ready™ – Broaden Your Lending Power with Knowledge™

The landscape of Regulatory Licensing has vastly changed over the last 15 years, and as state and federal agencies implement new laws and requirements to govern lender and broker activities, it continues to become increasingly difficult to understand and confidently expand business into other states. Regulatory Licensing can take many months to complete, especially when companies wanting to diversify into multi-states do not have a clear understanding of the process or qualifications.

These ever changing conditions are why we developed our License Ready™ program, which consists of reviewing your corporate structure, reviewing your net worth, defining strategies for acquiring the licenses you want, determining the state and federal education requirements and other important items that factor into the successful implementation of your companies growth plan. Our program will save you time and money by reducing the effort and time required to research and implement the steps needed while avoiding unnecessary activities that hinder your progress.

We help you become License Ready™.

We spend the time with you in advance and ensure your company is License Ready™!

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State Licensing – Broaden Your Lending Power™

We offer multi-state licensing support geared toward expanding your lending abilities nationwide. Our state licensing support enables your company to provide home loans throughout the United States. With state licensing laws in constant flux and a myriad of unforeseen obstacles, we are here to guide you through the process. In addition our licensing division serves those lenders or brokers who find it difficult to maintain their licensing. Our ultimate goal is to make an overwhelming experience a pleasant one.

Some of the features that our licensing procurement services include:

  • Setups of NMLS Profiles and NMLS Training
  • Company, Branch, and Individual Licensing
  • Multi-State, Federal, and International Locations
  • Brokers, Lenders, Servicers, and Debt Collectors
  • NMLS Submissions and Paper Applications
  • Estimated Costs using our MLG51c Calculator

Run our License Calculator to estimate licensing costs with all 50 states!


Federal Licensing

What will we provide?

  • An FHA application prepared to meet YOUR organizational structure
  • A HUD compliance QC plan
  • Extra territorial planning for multiple branches
  • A sponsor

More importantly, we’ll walk you through the process of expanding your business by broadening your lending power!

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We provide Licensing Services related to: Brokers, Loan Correspondents, Loan processors, Retail Lenders,  Wholesale Lenders,  Warehouse Lenders,  Underwriters,  Loan Fulfillment,  Master Servicers,  Primary Servicers,  Subservicers,  Special Servicers,  Debt Collectors,  Mortgage Loan Originator,  Branches,  Commercial,  Consumer,  Federal Bank,  State Banks