Texas Brick and Mortar Program

Texas Brick and Mortar Program

We’re MLG, and we Make Lending Great by Opening the Door to Texas Markets!

Texas is America’s second-biggest economy and mortgage market, in no small part due to oil and gas, the state’s largest sector, as reported by Rueters. With a population of 29,087,070, Texas is listed as the 6th fastest growing state in the union. This constitutes a huge market and potential for lenders to increase their business.

MLG has historically acknowledged the needs of lenders, identified their biggest roadblocks and developed programs to create paths around those obstacles.

That’s why we are proud to introduce our newest service:

The Texas Brick and Mortar Program:

Through this innovative program, lenders like you can use our representative in the state of Texas to satisfy the largest hurdle of licensure in this extremely popular and profitable state.

Our Program Includes:

  • In-State Representation
  • Brick and Mortar Location
  • Includes MLG Licensing Fee
  • Annual License Renewal
  • Secretary of State Renewal

As an established mortgage licensing service provider we’ve supported new and existing mortgage related licensing for companies, branch locations, and individuals since 2006.

Our Arizona Responsible Individual Program, satisfies both the instate representative and the Brick and Mortar requirement in the state of Arizona, and now our Texas Brick and Mortar Program is here to do the same in the great state of Texas!

Get started today!