Wyoming requires for both their mortgage lender/broker and mortgage broker licenses to upload audited financial statements dated within 90 days of your fiscal year end. If you’re just a start-up company, only an initial statement of condition is required. Wyoming does not limit how many trade names you can use. Wyoming has also adopted the Electronic Surety Bond system, so a paper surety bond is not required.

StateLicense NameState FeeBond Premium Est.
SoS FeeMLG ProcessingTotal
WyomingMortgage Broker License$500.00$188.00$100.00Call for More Information$788.00
WyomingMortgage Lender/ Broker License$500.00$188.00$100.00Call for More Information$788.00
WyomingDebt Collection License$500.00$150.00$388.00Call for More Information$1038.00

License: Mortgage Lender/Broker License

  • Operating Status: Lender/Broker
  • Bond Amount: $25,000
  • Net Worth: $0
  • Brick & Mortar: No
  • Audited Financials: Yes

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License: Mortgage Broker License

  • Operating Status: Broker
  • Bond Amount: $25,000
  • Net Worth: $0
  • Brick & Mortar: No
  • Audited Financials: Yes

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