Interested in Acquiring a new mortgage license?

Use the interactive map below to learn more about the state mortgage license requirements by state.

With over 20 years of experience specializing in mortgage company, debt collection and loan officer licensing, we at MLG strive to make state mortgage licensing requirements simple for our clients. As state licensing requirements and mortgage broker regulations vary widely from state to state, we provide our clients with the expertise needed to successfully navigate a complex and evolving regulatory environment.

The interactive map above is intended to provide context into the world of state licensing, demonstrating the requirements each state imposes. Some state’s mortgage licensing requirements have educational conditions and brick and mortar obligations such as Arizona RI program. Other state agencies require background checks and financial stability in the form of net worth standards and/or credit reports. States may refer to mortgage brokers by different classifications making it important to remember each state’s mortgage licensing requirements because they can vary dramatically and are subject to change as legislation changes. Moreover, a few states have multiple licensing agencies depending on the types of business activities performed, adding to the mosaic-like nature of multi-state licensing.

Starting with a company analysis, we determine the pre-qualifications for our client’s desired licenses before a company’s resources are extended. This ensures effective time management in our client’s pursuit of business opportunities. We work directly with the necessary state and federal agencies to ensure all licensing requirements are satisfied, from key financial submissions to Secretary of State filings.

With highly trained staff, MLG offers individualized services and licensing strategy at competitive rates. Speak with us today to see how MLG can propel your business forward by taking back-office compliance work off your plate so you can focus on what is actually important to you, your business.

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