Minnesota Mortgage Licensing

Minnesota offers two different license types, one that covers brokering and lending  activity and one to cover servicing. This state does not have a net worth requirement for its licenses but does require a bond of $100,000 for both license types that may be required to be increased depending on your total closed loan volume in MN for the previous calendar year. The Residential Mortgage Originator License application fee is higher than the Residential Mortgage Servicer License. Neither license has a requirement that you have a physical location in the state or a named QI. Minnesota does however, require a separate license for each trade name (DBA) that you are intending to use in the state called a Trade Name License (OTN). A branch application is only needed if your branch office will be located in the state of MN.

StateLicense NameState FeeBond Premium Est.
SOS FeeMLG Processing FeeTotal
MinnesotaResidential Mortgage Originator License$1,100$750$220Call for More Information$2,070
MinnesotaResidential Mortgage Servicer$600$750$220Call for More Information$1,570

License: Residential Mortgage Loan Originator License

  • Operating Status: Broker/Lender
  • Bond Amount: $100,000
  • Net Worth: N/A
  • Brick & Mortar: No
  • Financial Type: N/A

Residential Mortgage Originator License

Fairly simple application. MN requires a high bond amount required $100,000. MN does not require a Qualified Individual. Note to branches:  Branch application is ONLY needed if your branch office will be located in MN.

License: Residential Mortgage Servicer License

  • Operating Status: Servicer
  • Bond Amount: $100,000
  • Net Worth: N/A
  • Brick & Mortar: No
  • Financial Type: N/A

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