Louisiana has one license which is their broker/lender/servicer license. There are different requirements if you’re going to be a broker, lender, or servicer. Brokers must complete a form that includes listing the cost of services, a place for the originator and borrower to sign and space for the borrower’s address. If you’re a wholesale lender and don’t engage in retail lending, you must submit a completed wholesale lender statement. You will also have to demonstrate financial responsibility by providing authorization to the NMLS and commissioner to obtain an independent credit report from a consumer reporting agency.

StateLicense NameState FeeBond Premium Est.
SoS FeeMLG ProcessingTotal
LouisianaResidential Mortgage Lending License$600.00$188.00$300.50Call for More Information$1088.50
LouisianaRegistration$0.00$0.00$392.00Call for More Information$392.00

License: Residential Mortgage Lending License

  • Operating Status: Broker/Lender
  • Bond Amount: $25,000
  • Net Worth: $0
  • Brick & Mortar: No
  • Audited Financials: No

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