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February Newsletter 2019 – 3 Reasons to Sign-up with MLG This Year

Here are 3 reasons to sign up with MLG this year:   MLG logo


1. We have experience in a very niche market.

MLG is a full-service company with the ability to assist our clients with their licensing needs. We continue to support your license with our License Maintenance Services, by assisting with annual renewals, SOS renewals, MCRs, and other license-related follow-up needs! Each member of our staff is thoroughly trained by our exclusive License Specialist Training Program, and License Analyst Training Program. Our internal program keeps us up to date in an ever-changing, regulated industry, to establish the right kind of reputation that meets the standards of a license approval!

2. We are cost-effective and well worth it!

Could you imagine an entire team of license specialists? What about an entire team up-to-date on latest in mortgage licensing, while costing you less than a single employee salary? Well, we have ventured beyond this imaginative idea and made this dream a reality. Make this imagined dream your reality by using our licensing services for your licensing goals!

3. We make your goals our priority!

Our devotion to our clients, ensures quick, efficient results! There is no waiting list! The licensing process begins as soon as you become part of our team! Once you invest in our services, a team of license specialists has already begun the initial stages of your licensing process. We take your license very seriously, and appreciate every application as if it was our own!
Licensing is what we do here at MLG! Since our license specialists have 50 years of combined experience in the industry, mortgage licensing is what we do best! Our team works on an array of licenses every day! We follow through to approval! MLG even makes sure all deficiencies are kept to minimum, and taken care of! Consider it handled! After all, MLG makes licensing easy!