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Newsletter June 2019

Creative Staycations

Working in the mortgage industry includes unique challenges, like maintaining the tradition of family travel vacations.

Why does this happen?

Because the housing market heats up at the same time as the weather, and nobody wants to leave a hot market to spend a vacation thinking about all the deals they ‘re missing out on.

family fishing fun

If you’re facing the task of setting up some local fun and memorable activities for your family, here are some ideas to get your creativity going!

• Visit the zoo
• Go fishing
• Movie marathon
• Take pictures
• Picnic at the park
• Pool time/water toys

Whatever you do…don’t worry about your licensing, we’ve got you covered.

MLG Updates

Congratulations to Nick Graham on his promotion to VP of Business Development and Lisa Owens’ promotion to VP of Operations.


What’s happening in July

If you need reasons to celebrate, check our calendar. National Chocolate day is July 7th. Plan accordingly.

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Motivational Quotes

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