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Best Way to Choose a Mortgage License Education Course Provider

mortgage broker license

Completing your mortgage broker licensing maintenance requirements and continuing education requirements can be a daunting task, particularly for new entrants to the field. The field has many requirements, both at the federal and state level, that must be fulfilled, and there are a ton of options for providers of continuing education. The end result is that the process of selecting an education course provider that fulfills the specific requirements you need to meet in your state can be incredibly confusing.

However, you can narrow your list of candidates by considering the following elements; this process will make selecting an education course provider much easier and ensure you meet all of the criteria for licensure or renewal.

Check Course Offerings

The first step in identifying a suitable provider is to check if they are NMLS-approved or not. Those who are not will not count, making any education received from them pointless. In addition to NMLS approval, you should also check your state-specific course requirements. If you can identify a provider who can offer both the NMLS requirements and the state-specific education, it is much easier to select that provider than to try and fulfill your requirements using multiple education providers (although in some instances, this may be unavoidable).

Identify Your Preferred Instruction Method

Those seeking mortgage broker licensing education can often choose several different formats, including in-person classroom education, online instruction, and webinar formats. Online instruction is often instructor-led, which meets the NMLS requirement that there be interaction between the instructor and student. It also allows students to progress at their own pace, although within a certain window of time. Despite its popularity, some students understand that they learn better in more intensive environments; if this is the case, then classroom instruction may be a better option. Many education course providers have several options for the format of their classes. It’s always a great idea to research this before identifying a suitable provider that can meet your unique learning needs.

You can also find out more about the type of technology platforms they use and what requirements for equipment you must meet. These details will give you an idea about the timing of the course, the level of security they use to ensure your data is safe, how reliable the platform is, and how interaction is facilitated. You will definitely want to narrow your choices down to only those that you feel comfortable using.

Check for Previews or Money-Back Guarantees

One of the best ways to identify whether you will be happy with a course provider or not is to test them out. Many of them offer a trial period or money-back guarantee, and it’s a great idea to use these offers to dig a little deeper into their offerings. A preview can tell you how happy you are with the course offerings, quality of instruction, level of guidance, and the platform itself. If you aren’t fully satisfied, you can continue trying out other providers until you find one that suits your needs.

Look at Their Customer Service Record

Selecting an education course provider for your mortgage licensing needs is incredibly hard. The field is littered with competing companies. Fortunately, many of them have an existing reputation based on previous clients’ experiences. It’s worth doing a little digging to find out what others have to say before committing to one company. You can check out online reviews and customer testimonials to find out what other students liked and did not like about a particular provider.

And even if you can’t find a ton of information from past clients, it’s worth finding out more by inquiring directly. If you have questions, try calling their offices or emailing their support team. You can get an idea of how responsive they will be should you encounter an issue and need assistance. It’s a huge red flag if you can’t get an adequate response from a company prior to committing to them as your education provider.

Making a decision about your NMLS approved education course provider can be incredibly tough. And if you select one that won’t work for you, you can jeopardize your license or renewal. Fortunately, there is a ton of information online and from the education providers themselves. By doing your due diligence to identify one that meets the requirements in your state, is compatible with your instruction preferences, and has a strong track record of customer service, you will be much happier with your ultimate choice. Selecting the right education provider means that your time and money will be well spent!

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