Pursuing a career in the mortgage industry can be a daunting process without the support of a seasoned team of licensing professionals to help navigate the sea of regulatory requirements. Our mortgage licensing services are tailored to support your success from your initial consultation through the strategic implementation of your license filings and continued through our mortgage license maintenance services.

Mortgage License Consulting Services

Knowing your company’s structure and goals allow us to offer you a personal and constructive consultation, to help guide your company in the best direction. Develop a plan with us before wasting your time and money on unnecessary costs.

Many topics include:

Change of control/ownership of organizations
Company organization and structure
Customized research for corporate planning
Acquiring and maintaining state licenses

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Regulatory Licensing Services

License Ready™ – Broaden Your Lending Power with Knowledge™

We determined that over the past several years many companies wanting to diversify into multi-states do not have a clear understanding of the process on qualifications which can take many months to complete. That is why we have developed the License Ready™ program. We help you become License Ready™. Our program consists of reviewing your corporate structure, determining what license to obtain, reviewing your net worth, continuing education, and many other important items. This Mortgage Licensing Services program can save you time and money by eliminating the efforts to pursue licensing that may be inappropriate for your company at this time.

We spend the time with you in advance and ensure your company is License Ready™!

Sample, our License Ready, ™ program through our Interactive United States Map!
State Licensing – Broaden Your Lending Power™

Diversification in the marketplace is imperative to sustained growth and success. With that in mind, we offer multi-state licensing support. Expanding your lending abilities nationwide enables you to provide home loans throughout the United States. With state licensing laws in constant flux and a myriad of unforeseen obstacles, we are here to guide you through the process. Also, our licensing division serves those lenders or brokers who find it difficult to maintain their licensing. Our ultimate goal is to make an overwhelming experience a pleasant one.

Some of the features that our Mortgage licensing services to include:

Setups of NMLS Profiles and NMLS Training
Company, Branch, and Individual Licensing
Multi-State, Federal, and International Locations
Brokers, Lenders, Servicers, and Debt Collectors
NMLS Submissions and Paper Applications
Estimated Costs using our MLG51c Calculator

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Federal Licensing

What will we provide?

An FHA application prepared to meet YOUR organizational structure
A HUD compliance QC plan
Extraterritorial planning for multiple branches
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More importantly, we’ll walk you through the process of expanding your business by broadening your lending power!

Learn more about our exclusive Federal Licensing Package!

We provide Licensing Services related to Brokers, Loan Correspondents, Loan Processors, Retail Lenders, Wholesale Lenders, Warehouse Lenders, Underwriters, Loan Fulfillment, Master Servicers, Primary Servicers, Subservicers, Special Servicers, Debt Collectors, Mortgage Loan Originator, Branches, Commercial, Consumer, Federal Bank, State Banks


Licensing Maintenance


Through our maintenance support services for mortgage brokers, lenders, loan servicers, and debt collectors nationwide, we keep your company current and up to date with the various state regulatory agencies.

Failure to maintain state licensing can result in loss of a license, fines, penalties, etc. Our longstanding relationships with the state regulators ensure we are well informed of the compliance requirements and consequences of not filing proper annual reports and renewals with all 50 states.

Our services include:

Company, Branch, and Individual License Renewals
Secretary of State Filings for Foreign Qualifications
Brokers, Lenders, Servicers, and Debt Collectors
Bond Renewal Notifications and Extensions
Continuing Education Notifications


Formation & Organization

Starting a new business? Reduce your taxes and protect yourself against the threat of personal liability, with an individualized plan for organizing your business.

Our Mortgage Licensing Services offer the following solutions to assist in your business set up:

Preparation and Filing of Articles or Organization
Corporate Kit and Supplies Provided to Corps and LLCs
Preparation and Filing of Foreign Qualifications
Assistance with Securing a Registered Agent
Preparation and Filing of DBAs or Name Reservations


Arizona RI Program

Due to the brick and mortar requirement and the necessity for a licensed and experienced Arizona Responsible Individual (RI), Arizona can be one of the more difficult states to obtain a license Continue reading